About Steve



Steve has been a student of the martial arts for 25 years. He currently runs his own school, Chinatown Internal Arts in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, (The school was originally in Chinatown.)


Steve began his studies of the martial arts in his early teens. He initially studied the Japanese martial arts, eventually earning the rank of Shodan (first degree black belt) under Ronald Duncan in his Way of the Winds system. This system emphasized traditional values coupled with practical modern combative methods. Throughout his teens, he also had the opportunity to cross-train in several martial traditions of not only of Japanese, but also of Okinawan, Korean, and Filipino origin. Towards the end of his teens and into his early twenties he became fascinated with the Chinese martial arts. He began training in the Wing Chun system of Kung fu (two within Hong Kong Yip Man versions; and one mainland), and briefly trained in Bagua for the first time, and was also exposed to the Northern Praying Mantis system.


In 1998 he began training under Tom Bisio in Hebei (Tang Shou Tao ), Xing-Yi Chuan, and Shanxi Xing Yi Chuan. A year later he also began training under Tom in Liang Zhen Pu Bagua Zhang. Under Tom’s tutelage, he learned the fundamental building blocks of whole body force, and a progressive format for how to develop it.

In 2002 with Tom’s encouragement, he began teaching his own Xing-Yi class in East Harlem. He also taught martial arts and self defense to girls and boys attending  Junior high school at the East Harlem school from 2002-2006, and continues to run Women’s Self Defense Workshops both at his school in NYC, and the East harlem School.

In 2005 Steve was given the opportunity to accompany Tom, along with other students, to China to advance his studies in the Internal Arts. He went to both  Beijing, to study Bagua Zhang , and to Taiyuan city, the capital of Northern China's Shanxi province, and a historical stronghold of xing -yi chuan.

In 1999 Steve also met Master Sam Chin and began his training in the art of I Liq chuan. Through the practice of I Liq Chuan, Sifu Sam Chin taught Steve the importance of not overly relying on the intellect of the mind, but instead on how to rely more on feeling, awareness, and most importantly direct experience. He encouraged Steve to test himself, to not be afraid to lose, and to share knowledge and teach with an open heart. Master Chin introduced Steve to Buddhism, and in 1999 became initiated into the Tien Tai sect of Buddhism at Chuang Yen Monastery where Master Chin taught I Liq Chuan for many years. Sifu Sam also exposed Steve to the principles of insight meditation, which he continues to practice as Vipassana meditation.


Steve when on to become a 2nd Generation Lineage Disciple of I Liq Chuan under Master Chin, becoming one of his earliest teaching assistants. Steve had the opportunity to travel with him to Malaysia in 2001 and 2002; Perth, Australia in 2001 and 2002; Japan 2002; Russia 2003; Holland in 2003; as well as various workshops throughout the United States.

Steve was initially interested in Law Enforcement and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, but then decided he was more interested in health care, and subsequently decided to study Massage Therapy at The Swedish Institute, graduating in 1997. He worked as a massage therapist in physical therapy and chiropractic facilities until 2004, when he decided to formally study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Steve’s first exposure to Chinese medicine was in Tom Bisio’s acupuncture practice. He was permitted to observe and assist Tom in his clinic from 1999-2001, where he was introduced to the principles of acupuncture, herbology, tuina massage, and bone setting. Steve resumed his apprenticeship with Tom from 2005-2008 while pursuing a Masters degree in Touro College’s graduate program in Oriental medicine, from which he graduated in 2009.

After graduating from Chinese medicine school, Steve resumed his travels with Master Chin assisting him in Paris, France 2009, in Hawaii, California (Los Angeles, SF Bay Area in 2011/2012) and the MACS Martial Arts Collective Society Gathering in Sacramento 2012, at the I Liq Chuan Annual  Intensive seminar held in Upstate New York Feb. 2013.  Steve has gone on to give his own workshops in San Fransisco 2013,  Seattle, 2013 &2015, and Oahu, Hawaii 2013&2015.

Steve continues his studies of the Internal and related martial arts with  Masters Tim Cartmell and Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan. In addition to his martial arts studio, he currently runs a private Chinese medicine practice. www.stevearboledaacupuncture.com