Here's what to expect from Chinatown Internal ARts:

  • A serene, clean, and purposeful environment.
  • Smaller class sizes rarely exceeding 12 people, that ensure safety, and highly personalized instruction
  • A committed and supportive body of learners.
  • A strong sense of camaraderie, between classmates, and between student and teacher, is emphasized within the school. In the Chinese martial arts, this is known as Gan xin, meaning literally “transmitting the method of the heart”, and refers to the bond of service and loyalty between classmates, and between the teacher and student. This transmission is crucial to the vitality of the school  and  ensures a high standard of  transmission from generation to generation. Students grow and develop when they work to maintain respect for each other, and encourage each others progress. A community of students that trains with each other in this way, will encourage both teacher and students to bring out the best in each other for the benefit of themselves, for the benefit of the whole school, and hopefully for the benefit of many beyond the school.
  • A deep respect for protocol and seniority.
  • An openness to hard work and all traditions and people with integrity.
  • Deep fun through profound challenge and growth!