In the internal martial arts, a higher developed sense of physical, mental, and emotional self awareness, can help the  individual tap into the vast potential of the human body. In line with this way of thinking is training that develops physical integration, dynamic movement, and  coordinated strength, which amplifies the power of an individual regardless of their physical build.  Tactically, martial techniques need to maximize body leverage over brute strength, making them effective against a larger and stronger individual. For women, it is absolutely essential to practice these types of combative tactics because an assailant will always be larger and stronger. It is through continual practice of these principles that an individual becomes more confident; realizing that although size and strength matter, they alone are not the only determining factors of survival in a violent situation.

The training here at Chinatown Internal Arts covers effective solutions to scenarios that are specific to the ones that a women is likely to encounter. Environmental awareness is stressed, as well as the ability to read, and therefore prevent potentially dangerous situations.  The techniques are taught in an easy to learn, step by step format in a safe, yet challenging, environment. Physical conditioning is also emphasized whereby the student will develop whole body strength in a fun and stress-reducing workout.


This class focuses on practical techniques that are  relatively simple to learn than many of the orthodox internal arts ,  and that don’t require extensive time to master or overly specialized training. There is a great emphasis on scenarios that a women is most likely to encounter.  for women’s self defense – The internal arts teach principles of dynamic movement, leverage, and coordinated power, all of which can enable a female to equal the odds against a physically stronger aggressor.

In addition to gaining  confidence by learning how to effectively defend against assaults. More importantly, students will also develop an increased mental awareness and an intuition for avoiding violent encounters altogether.

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