New Fundamental Xing-Yi Program

Designed to develop a foundation of strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility in an internal martial arts context. This method contains a practical, step-by-step approach to learning the foundational principles of the  internal martial art of Xing-yi chuan, ("form & intention boxing.") 

The training will serve as a stepping stone to the development of refined levels of skill within an internal martial arts context. The training methods that will be taught are an excellent way of coordinating the mind, body, and breath to produce efficient physical movement. Over time, consistent practice will develop relaxed, integrated whole body power and mechanical efficiency, which are the hallmark characteristics of the Chinese internal martial arts.

Various fundamental martial arts concepts such as timing, rhythm, distancing and angles in fighting situations will be taught; as well as methods of learning to develop confidence and fighting spirit.


The whole system of learning is balanced, sequential, progressive and cohesive. This includes physical conditioning, classical form sequences, fighting applications, solo and partner based exercises, and sparring. Each level will be built upon the principles learned in the previous levels. All movement will be broken down into a handful of fundamental exercises which will then be used to create the basis for the advanced training methods and fighting techniques.

Due to the sequential nature of the course, only serious inquiries will be considered for tuition.  Classes will take place 3x per week. Attendance in two out of the three is mandatory. The lack of regular attendance will result in dismissal from the program, or will have to be made up in private instruction. Practice is not something that can be understood mentally. The training process must be internalized physically. Only gradually through countless repetitions will the body be able to internalize them.  


The practice requires a reasonable commitment between the teacher and student. The learning transmission and internalization of information can only be achieved when the sincerity of the student matches that of the teacher. Due to space limitations, the maximum number of students allowed will be 8. This will ensure adequate individual teaching instruction, and safety within training. This will prepare the student  for the intermediate levels of training the 12 animal fighting forms, linking sets, and weapons training.


The fundamental curriculum:

Standing post San-ti

5 elements, form, breakdown and fighting applications

Group conditioning exercises, Solo "gong"power training exercises

Fundamental break falling, throws and takedowns 


The next phase will begin on Tuesday May 2,  from 6-7:30. Students may stay after into the next class to continue work on the material until 8:30



 The tuition will be $220 for the month.  And you may attend all 3 classes per week.