The internal arts begin with the conscious recognition of what is already present in oneself and the potential of this consciousness to direct all action. This understanding leads to the development of a physically organized body in which stillness, movement, strength, and breath, become coordinated into an integrated whole.
This level of  mind and body integration is  achieved through regulated, balanced participation in the  five elemental components of:
1.  Conditioning of Internal and external Strength
2.  Form sequences
3.  Sensitivity drills
4.  Self Defense/free sparring
5.  Weapons training
Initially, these components may be taught independently, and can require a deep study in and of themselves. After a period of study, the student will gradually come to the realization that each facet is interwoven with the others, and become inseparable from each other.  Over-specialization in any of these areas of training cannot achieve this  mind-body developmental balance, and none of these components can be understood with the body or mind alone. You come to know these facets with your body and mind through  repetition over time.