Steve Arboleda, the Instructor

 From the age of 15, and on through the next 25 years, I have immersed myself in the classical martial arts of China and Japan, learning from great teachers and rude experience. Initially desperate for a way to protect myself in the mean streets and tough times of the pre-millennial New York, I have found that the old ways of defense have profound utility way beyond helping good people get home safely through bad places. I have also learned that moving with grace and calm makes one a better fighter and a healthier citizen - and that these aims can be taught and met separately or together, with no contradiction.
As a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, I have found that these healing traditions complement martial proficiency and the pursuit of balanced movement and a balanced life.  Working with great teachers have taught me that my own journey toward martial and full human development is an open and endless process that is made bright by good people. 
I invite you to join me on this path and to train with the good people at Chinatown Internal Arts!