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 We are happy to announce that Chinatown Internal Arts will be hosting Master Luo de Xiu for the 7th time on October 4th, 5th,& 6th!

This year Master Luo will be covering:

8 Mother palms (Ba Mu Zhang八母掌 ),

Moving Stake posture methods of Gao Style Bagua Zhang, 

Gao Baguazhang Post heaven Fire form Line 6

(li gua離八)Leg methods & applications

Bagua Zhang Wu Long Bai Wei 

“The Black Dragon Swings its Tail”

 Five Dragon Form Sequences

See descriptions below!

Master Luo De Xiu of Taipei, Taiwan, is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in the Chinese Internal Arts. Master Luo has been practicing for over 40 years and teaching for over 35 years. He received his fundamental training from Zhang Zhun-Feng's student, the renowned Xing-yi & Bagua master Hong Yi-Xiang. Later, he went on to study with many of Zhang's other students, including master Liu Qian of the renowned Sun Xikun branch of Ba Gua Zhang.  Master Luo De Xiu has been giving seminars worldwide on Xing-yi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Tai Ji Chuan, as well as various methods of Qi-gong since 1993.

Master Luo's years of personal practice, research into the theory, and teachings of the internal arts, as well as his experience in many full-contact competitions; gives him the ability to explain internal theory, proper body mechanics, health benefits and fighting theory in a way that is clear and easy to understand by people of all levels.  Through working with various students both at home and abroad, master Luo has developed a
practical approach and teaching methodology to clearly develop one’s personal skill and practice of the Chinese Internal Arts through this seminar format.

Having trained with Master Luo since 2005 him at his various US workshops for the past thirteen years. I have always  found training with him inspiring, profound, and really fun! After decades of practice and teaching, he remains a very energetic, enthusiastic, and open teacher. He is a treasure trove of martial arts experience, and very good at giving the individual student insight on key components of the art which the student may not have considered in previous training.  This is a rare opportunity to train with him, and experience instruction from an exceptional practitioner!

As in all previous years, participating in his workshops have been highly instructive, inspiring, and extremely enjoyable!

Due to his extremely demanding teaching schedule, Master Luo will only be joining us to teach for 3 days this year. Don’t miss this once a year opportunity to train with this highly respected teacher and practitioner!

Friday, October 4th

Bagua Ba Mu Zhang 八母掌 


8 Motherpalms:
Moving Stake posture Methods of

Gao Bagua Zhang

The Ba Mu Zhang, or 8 Motherpalms, are considered both a foundational and advanced training method in BaGuaZhang. They undoubtedly evolved from the stationary methods of posture/ stance training found within most Asian martial arts.

They are similar in some respects to Yoga Asana practice, as they consist of holding several Individual hand/body positions, some which are found in the stationary posture practice found within the I-chuan system and other Qi-gong practices. What distinguishes these practices with the ba Mu zhang of BaGuaZhang is that the postures are held while walking in a circle, and with a greater emphasis on coiling and winding with each step, thus embodying  the principle of stillness within movement.

They are an important method of power training for internal martial arts, but can be of benefit to all martial arts, and can be practiced alone as a Qi gong/ meditative health practice.

In terms of martial arts training, The Ba Mu Zhang can be considered the fundamental training method for the development of what  is popularly labelled as “Internal Power”. The practice develops and deeply internalises the physical alignments which are crucial for the effective usage of Bagua Zhang in combat.

These physical alignments are essentially walls supported by skeletal structure. They keep an opponent’s pressure off your center,  and maximize the amount of potential force which your body can generate. Understanding how to keep your skeletal structure aligned is the key to efficient, effortless movement and will help you develop and maintain constant structural stability while in motion, and in relation to an opponent’s resistant force.

Saturday October 5th 11:30AM - 5:30PM:

: 離八式 Li gua Hou Tien-Post Heaven Fire trigram Eight Postures:


-Kicking Methods, supplementary training exercises and martial applications

Although characteristically renowned for the usage of palm striking techniques, hidden within Bagua Zhang stepping methods are a variety of leg techniques for use in martial application. 

The sixth line of Post Heaven Bagua makes these methods obvious. They teach you how to combine upper body striking and control techniques simultaneously with kicking, sweeping, and tripping techniques.  

Master Luo will be covering the 8 individual forms and their application, which although are impressive in appearance, include practical kicking, sweeping and tripping methods, many of  which do not require excessive flexibility, or difficult timing to implement.

You will learn how each of the 8 forms contains a different kicking application which is executed on the three levels, high, middle, and low, which when combined are known as the 24 intercepting legs.  These methods effectively overwhelm an opponent with high and low attacks.

Sunday October 6,11:30-5:30 

Bagua Zhang Wu Long Bai Wei

 “The Black Dragon swings its Tail”


The Wu Long Bai Wei  refers to a series of movement sequences that are designed to teach you how to practicing the undulating, coiling movements learned in the pre heaven  Bagua Zhang forms continuously without a break, while changing directions, and without losing the structural integrity of your body. This practice is aimed at developing a stronger sensory awareness which enables you to move your extremities independently of each other, while maintaining  a strong connection to the hips and core, which leads to greater control over your body. When practiced correctly over time, it leads to the development of a dynamic integrated whole body power  that can generate power from a variety of different force vectors across several planes of movement.

The Wu Long Bai Wei incorporates the movements found in the 8 circular change forms into a continuous unbroken set. The 8 circular changes represent the head of the Dragon, whereas the “Black Dragon Swings Its Tail” represents the tail of the Dragon and therefore the closing and collecting movement of the previous palms.

Master Luo will be covering  the 5 separate movement sequences of the Wu Long Bai Wei which include:

  • The Dragon swings its tail

  • The Dragon divides the water

  • The Dragon spreads/shows its claws

  • The Dragon shows its body

  • The Dragon winds around the center

Understanding the principles imparted by the practice of these sequences will improve your overall comprehension of body mechanics, power generation, and martial application. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a rarely seen and seldom taught training method by a master teacher!

Friday Evening session-$85

Sat & Sun=$150 per day  (1 hour lunch break on each weekend session)

Discounted Rate for Saturday & Sunday =$280

Discounted Rate for Friday Saturday & Sunday =$360




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About Luo Dexiu

Luo Dexiu  of Taipei, Taiwan, world renowned Internal Martial Arts instructor  entered the Tang Shou Tao (唐手道) school of Master Hong Yixiang (洪懿祥) in 1971. Master Hong Yixiang himself gained worldwide attention when he was featured  as the first teacher in the chapter The Not-so-little-Elephant, in Robert Smith’s seminal classic book, Chinese Boxing Masters and Methods. When Luo began his study of the Internal Martial Arts,  he initially devoted himself to the practice of Xingyiquan with an emphasis on tournament competition. and later went on to become one of Master Hong Yixiang's best fighters, who all known to be among the most successful tournament competitors of the full-contact Taiwan scene of the 1960’s and 1970’s. As Luo matured in his skills, and frequently encountered opponent’s who were much larger than him, he became intrigued with Bagua zhang’s deceptively indirect strategy which was well suited in handling opponents of larger size. Bagua Zhang was at the core of the skills taught by Hong Yixiang, having been passed directly from Zhang Junfeng(張俊峰), who trained under Gao Yisheng (高義盛), a master in the Cheng Tinghua (程廷華) branch of Baguazhang. Zhang Junfeng had brought the Gao style of Baguazhang to Taiwan. Luo Dexiu studied Gao style Baguazhang with Hong Yixiang, and sought out many of Zhang's other students as well, including Hong Yixiang's brothers Hong Yiwen (洪懿文) and Hong Yimian (洪懿棉). Luo went on continued his research of Baguazhang with Liu Qian, an early student of  the renown Xing-yi and Bagua Master Sun Xikun.

In 1983 Luo appeared in the BBC's “Way of the Warrior” martial art series, demonstrating Bagua Zhang. He then came into wide attention in the west in the early 1990’s when he appeared in a series of  featured articles in the seminal Chinese Internal Martial Arts Publication, The Pakua Chang Journal. In 1993, along with his student Tim Cartmell, who acted as translator and demonstration partner, he started teaching a popular series of Xing-yi-chuan and Bagua Zhang seminars in the USA.  He shortly after appeared in the instructional VHS instructional series Principles of BaGua Zhang Fighting, and Gao Style BaGua: Practice and Application.

In 2004 he appeared in the book, Nei Jia Quan: Internal Martial Arts Teachers of Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan, and Ba Gua Zhang by Jess O'Brien

Luo Dexiu continues to hold worldwide  seminar tours annually on Gao style Baguazhang, Hebei Xingyiquan, Tai Ji Quan, and health related practices  throughout America, Europe, and the Middle East. He can still be found instructing classes in Taipei, Taiwan.

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