The I Liq Chuan (pronounced “Ee Lee Chuan”) system is based on physical sensitivity and sensorial mind awareness. It does not develop techniques for dealing with particular situations; instead the student learns to understand how “mental and physical” affect each other, and starts to develop the skill to unify and coordinate them.

Sensitivity is an essential component of the art. Once this is mastered, when the I Liq Chuan practitioner touches an opponent’s hands or body, he can feel instantly where the opponent’s weight and center of gravity is and what  opponent's  intention is . Ultimately,  practitioner is able to sense the opponent’s intention without contact, through awareness. He can redirect the force and use it against the opponent  depending on the threat level.


The I Liq chuan classes concentrate on the development of mental and physical awareness, harmonization of the body, with the mind, intention and the breath, followed by the practice of the hallmark “spinning hands’ exercises. The latter develops sophisticated methods of sensitivity which can be applied directly to physical combat.

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