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Sunday October 16 11:30AM-5:30PM Bagua Zhang Circle walking-Fundamental footwork principles, and combat application

Relevant to all Bagua schools, circle walking is the foundational practice of Baguazhang, however misconceptions about the training of circle walking  and it’s usage  within a martial context, are frequently misunderstood. As a practitioner, and teacher of  Baguazhang for over over three decades, and his research into other Baguazhang schools, Luo with his  extensive background,is well qualified to explain and tie together this critical component of  Baguazhang. The Single palm, and double palm change will be covered along with practical examples of derivative patterns, such as the figure 8 circle walking pattern etc. within a martial context.  


This workshop will fill quickly. There is a strict limit of 14 participants due to space limitations.