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Monday 6:30PM-9:30PM Xing Yi Ba Zi Gong- Eight Character Skills.

The Bazi gong set is a relatively rare training method taught from the Xing yi chuan system, comprised of  8 short individual movement routines. The set is designed to teach  methods of developing integrated body movement, while learning to issue different types of force from different sections of the body, along several planes of movement. It is a visually attractive routine, rich with practical martial applications, and is also employed as an invigorating  Qi-Gong  health practice. It is excellent for developing ones's strength and flexibility, while coordinating them with the breath. This routine is suitable for learning at all levels, and is designed to be trained at a basic, intermediate or advanced level.


This workshop will fill quickly. There is a strict limit of 14 participants due to space limitations.      




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